Microsoft Office 365

Work from anywhere using familar Microsoft Office tools like Word, Excel, and Outlook.  Office 365 services run on PCs, Macs, and select mobile devices that are connected to business-grade email, conferencing, and other IT services so your team can maximize productivity in the office and on the go.

Use the latest versions of these applications as Office 365 is subscription based.  Also available are Office 365 cloud services such as Exchange email, HD video conferencing, file sharing and more for one low monthly price.

Hosted Servers and Applications

You know that all-important software application you have?  The one(s?) you can’t afford to be unavailable, corrupted, or accidentally lost?  That is where a hosted, managed, dedicated service from DataWard® can deliver the consistency you need.

Hosted Servers look and feel like like they are in the room next to you, except there is no hardware for you to buy, configure, store or maintain. Plus, these servers can be accessed securely from anywhere in the world.

Hosted Applications appear to be running on your computer, except they are being served from a state-of-the-art datacenter.

Automated Backup

A GeoSync™ File Server is an on-site appliance (managed and monitored) that combines local performance and convenience with off-site backup.  The best of both worlds.

Off-site Virtual Machine backup is a service that backs up your virtual servers as frequently as you require – while they continue to operate.

Archive Backup is a service that backs up your files and folders only.  A copy is stored in our secure datacenter.

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