Sean Adler – Director of Field Operations

Sean is considered the “Hulk Hogan” of the computer support industry.  He is a native Oklahoman who has worked in the Telecom and IT support industry for over 20 years – though Sean started working with computers at a young age during the Atari and Commodore 64 days.  His expertise has been in field operations, building & deploying SMB computer systems, network infrastructure and phone systems.   He started is first business, ATS, to provide IT services for small businesses in the OKC metro area and has built a loyal following.  Years ago, Sean saw the industry moving rapidly to hosted solutions and wanted to provide these solutions to his ATS customer base and others; Sean co-founded DataWard in 2009 to provide these services.

Sean’s current work focuses on building new partnerships and strengthening field operations.

Lee Matthews – General Manager

From an early age, Lee has been a ‘builder’.  Legos and Lincoln Logs were his materials of choice as a child, but these eventually gave way to computer networking and programming.  When he was 14 years old his father came home from work to find the family computer “completely dismantled” on the carpet; Lee wanted to understand how it worked.  When it was quickly reassembled in working order his father turned over all technical responsibilities to Lee.

In addition to building, Lee is passionate about efficiency.  “Machines fulfill their purpose when they improve our lives.  I enjoy my roles in that process”, he says.  “DataWard gives me the opportunity to build solutions that deliver valuable end-results.”

Today with over a decade of professional IT experience, Lee has found a niche in being one of those ‘tech people’ that explains things in a way we can understand.


Eric Adler – Director of Datacenter Operations

Eric Adler co-founded Dataward LLC in 2009.  He currently serves in a supporting role as a managing partner with an emphasis on datacenter architecture/operations.  Eric has held senior Engineering jobs in telecommunications, capacity planning, and technical staff systems engineering.  He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and has worked for both small and very large companies in the Telecom and Semi-conductor industries during the last 26 years.

Eric earned bachelors and master’s degrees in engineering physics from the University of Oklahoma in 1992.  He currently lives in Oklahoma City, OK with his wife, three children, two dogs, one crested gecko and lots of trees.

Phone: (405) 445-4533

Hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Central