Imagine: Freedom from your technology

As a business owner, you want to focus on that valuable ‘thing’ you do. Technology greases your business processes but eventually technology will stand between your business and efficiency as your needs evolve.

Our Mission is your Liberation.  Utilizing managed and ‘cloud’ services, we can help get you out of the maintain-your-technology business and back to the business you do best.  Transferring that burden to Oklahoma’s leader in the industry gives you better service for controlled (often less!) cost.

How do we improve your service and make your money go further? Converting capital expenses to a monthly expense allows you to keep your focus.  You don’t worry about upgrading and maintaining your electric infrastructure – you pay your electric bill and let experts handle the details.  We do the same with your information technology, uncoupling it from various limitations to provide benefits like better Uptime and Disaster Recovery.  Our monthly expenses are tax-deductible and include support costs.

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Work From Anywhere

Our services are delivered over the internet, which means they are location-independent.  Set up camp and get to work!


Off-Site Security

What happens to your data when the weather gets bad?  We live in Oklahoma, where anything without deep roots gets blown away.  We ensure your data stays safe, secure, and retrievable by protecting it in our F-5 proof, seismic-resistant datacenters.


Optimal Performance

Small / Medium businesses are our specialty.  The products we provide are right-sized.  Expect to get everything you need and be charged fairly.


Local Support

You may run in to us at the grocery store!  We use all of the products we sell internally and know them inside and out.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Cyber attacks on healthcare institutions Face a Dramatic Surge, DataWard adds multiple layers to help us protect data, while keeping it accessible to our healthcare professionals.”

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Hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Central